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20inspirations: mood ring

[Spoiler (click to open)]okay, here's a little explanation on my colour choices. idk, I think my approach was a little weird, but it worked for me. I didn't colour based on the emotions I saw, but I let myself be led by the atmosphere of the picture, the scene I remembered and the personality traits of the characters. does that make any sense?

#1 | okay, I hope some of you actually watch the show, otherwise this'll be hella boring and a pile of nonesense :| this scene happened early on in the show. spartacus just got enslaved, he's not broken yet. he is still stubborn, proud. and it's andy. it all made me feel pretty nostalgic, which is why I turned it into this brownish colour, trying to make it look a little withered. like from an old history book. the text was an experiment. I don't do text most of the time, but I thought it looked nice for once and left it there.
#2 | this was such a sad, heartbreaking scene. this icon could've turned out blue, but I went for a blazing yellow. why? I wanted to underline the strength of the sun, which seems to weigh on his shoulders much like his pain and wounds.
#3 | I'm still not sure I like this icon. maybe because it's more metaphorical than anything else. I added the sea and a clock (in case no one could tell, which I suspect) and mute colours to portray how batiatus' time was running out the second he showed up on the screen. the bitch had it coming.
#4 | lucretia has always been such a complex character. on the one hand she was a scheming, mean liar, and on the other I believe she truly loved batiatus and just did everything in her power to see him happy. anyway. at one point she got repeatedly raped and her tormentor made her wear that same red wig every time. I made the deep, blood red the focus of the icon to represent her pain and shame, yet she (her face and the border of the icon) are a pure white to portray her role as the victim.
#5 | spartacus, dark and wounded, underlined by a grungy texture, looking back onto his once promising past; a lush green background.
#6 | agron! he is a very temperamental man with a big mouth. shoot first, ask questions later sort of guy. he is laughing his foe in the face here, not fearing death nor a beating. I thought a light violet represents mockery best.
#7 | this scene :c spartacus is losing everything here. his people, his wife, his life. he is taken by surprise, gets beaten and captured. he was shocked and blinded by it, which is why I made this icon a light yellow.
#8 | lucretia again, though this picture made me think of her scheming side. I thought a drop of light red in the middle of a bilious green background would show best what a mean viper she could be.
#9 | this icon is unusually light. at least I rarely make these sort of icons. however, varro was such a sweet, good character and I thought a light, light pink fits best to his innocent personality.
#10 | idk how lucretia even slept. with all these lies and constantly balancing on that thin line between shame and glory, trying to uphold the status of her house... she looks uneasy here, afraid. I tried to fit all that into the colour of her shawl, a bit of a murky, rotten green.
#11 | okay, I used yellow a lot in these icons, but I connect that colour with blind, hazy pain and the show practically lives on pain, so there you go.
#12 | again a mixture of yellow (for pain, danger) with a muddy brown (doom). spartacus was forced to fight his first gladiator fight in the arena here. the gladiator seemed so all-powerful and threatening in that scene, while spartacus was bare and "unskilled" as a gladiator.
#13 | aw, bb!crixus at the very beginning of his career. he was so confused, an animal that was thrown into the pit to fight for his life. there was always so much despair in his eyes. red and black fit best in this case, imo.
#14 | this is a bit weird to explain. I'm sure there is someone out there who knows about the history at hand a lot more than I do, but here we go: despite what his nickname might tell you, spartacus was not a spartan, as far as I know. yet that helmet always reminds me of the movie 300 (the whole style of the show does) and so does the colour red (anyone who has seen the movie might agree - all the blood, the capes etc). so yeah.
#15 | that scene was absolutely amazing. if you didn't get spoiled enough by now already, don't continue reading this. the icy blue is obviously connected to that chilly moment where you realized lucretia was still and actually mad, and it's soiled by a creepy amount of red blood.
#16 | lucretia again. I told you that character is complex! I've iconned her mean side, her helpless side and her mad side. this icon represents her love and passion. a mix of bordeaux red and cream.
#17 | ugh. I must admit I love that icon. maybe no one'll get it, but I'll still be proud :| this is a picture of andy as spartacus, and it's splintering, revealing the image of liam as the late spartacus actor. I tried not to push the colours too much. I wanted it to look like it was fading a bit, like andy's image.
#18 | alright, I'll not pretend this icon holds any meaning. I liked the armor and that's why I picked this cap XD maybe you can connect barca's greed for gold with the colour of the icon to make it count, idk idk?
#19 | oenomaus. he used to be the gladiator back in the day. he's always been a wise, powerful character, someone who was respected by everyone. I added a yellow shine to the icon to underline his gloriousness ♥
#20 | have you ever been so blind with rage everything turned a bright white around the edges of your sight? I hope not, but when naevia is raging I always get the impression that's what happens to her. I'm not sure I got enough white into this icon, her skin is dark after all.


the7days: 7 deadly sins

petyr baelish (lust) | eric northman (sloth) | nick brody (wrath) | clay morrow (greed) | dean winchester (gluttony) | john locke (envy) | renly baratheon (pride)


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