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icon progression: 2012

icon progression

so, I looked at every post I made in 2012 and picked 3 of my favourites from each post. I was surprised to realize that the sherlock holmes battle had actually happened that year. it feels ages ago, but I remember how incredibly popular it got (which I'm still very proud of). looking back, I actually tried a lot of different styles and colours this year. brown, yellow and orange were colours I really got into for a while, yet I regularly returned to my favourite: green. yet again, I didn't use too much text on my icons (but I'm getting a little more comfortable with it) and centre crops are still my drug.

overall, I didn't icon nearly as much as I'd wanted to. I had several creative draughts, and then not enough time. which led me to the decision to leave magicmachine. it felt like the end of an era to me, though that doesn't mean I wanna quit. not at all. iconning is still a great hobby of mine and I want to keep doing it for a while, despite the shift I feel in the community... and I'm not really sure where my place is rn. either way, what with life having changed to the better for me in 2012, I hope to produce a lot of icons in 2013 I can be proud of :)


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